Cala Murada

​Cala Murada

​When you hear this name, you connect a place far away from mass tourism and crystal clear water in the idyllic bay. In Cala Murada it is possible to enjoy a relaxing beach holiday on Mallorca's east coast.

​Cala Murada also has a remarkable history. There are excavations that go back to the Bronze Age. From this period comes the Cova de la Cala Murada, a cave worth seeing, which was carved into the rock by the former inhabitants with a simple tool.

​Today the Cala Murada presents itself as a quiet holiday home, which is particularly popular with German holidaymakers and those who want to stay longer. Not least because the sandy beach is well protected and is especially suitable for families with small children.

​Apartments and houses in popular residential complexes are a great pleasure for many German visitors. Many people choose to buy a house or apartment right there. The facilities in Cala Murada have a solid construction and well-maintained plots. Meanwhile, 70% of homeowners are German. Last but not least, how the place is considered to be absolutely safe.

The shopping can be done in nearby Manacor, to which the municipality of Cala Murada belongs. A small basic supply of food offers the shops in the Cala Murada itself.

​What else does the Cala Murada have to offer, except the beach with crystal clear water?

​There is of course a wide range of water sports. You can swim and snorkel at the mysterious caves and small bays. Also a paradise for all diving enthusiasts.

​The area around the Cala Murada is very rural and is ideal for hiking and cycling. Or just to pause, to forget the time and to listen to the chants of the birds.

​Cala Murada – A tranquil place surrounded by nature on the enchanting east coast of Mallorca.

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